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Body Snatching- Easy Serial Killing

 Author: M. Baylee Burckhalter 

Anatomy and medical related classes began to make their appearances into colleges in Scotland, specifically in Edinburgh. In the anatomy classes they would examine human bodies to study, along with practicing some medical procedures. Body Snatching the act of taking freshly deceased bodies from their final resting point, then selling them for money. This act was usually used for lower income or poor men. Two unwealthy men took this particularly too far. 

William Burke and William Hare
William Burke, born in 1729, and graduated from Dublin’s Trinity College. Burke set out to study law in London, he eventually gave up on law and began writing. His father being an attorney, the word broke should not associate with him. Down the road, Burke ends up owning his own lodging place. He would rent out rooms, until one day, that low money got the best of him. Burke has a conversation with his friend William Hare. Burke describes how hard it is to be broke, he could use the extra cash. Days later, a lodger comes up deceased in Burkes rooms. Consulting his friend Hare, the boys sell the body to a local anatomy professor by the name of Robert Knox at the University of Edinburgh.

Burke and Hare’s actions are not exact representations of body snatching, but their murders were inspired by them. The men continued to intoxicate and follow up with murdering at least sixteen people. Making roughly eight united states dollars per body, Hare taking the bigger half of the money.

 After authoritative forces were notified of a body under Burkes bed, the boys were taken into custody November 1st, 1828. William Hare and his wife Margaret testified the murders against William Burke and his wife Helen. Burke was found guilty Christmas Day of 1828 and was hung on January 28th, 1829. Hare, on the contrary, took a plea and was never heard from again. As for Burke, after being hung, his body could not go to waste. His body was dissected and studied; he was skinned after the dissection. His skin was used to make a notebook, along with having the word “Burking” coined after his committed murders.  

Book Bound in Serial Killer’s Skin

As these murders were horrendous, body snatching helped the world understand how the body truly worked. Anatomy Act of 1832  was eventually passed as well. The act made it legal for the corpse of those who died, who were not claimed, to be used by private anatomical teaching institutes. 

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