Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Emily’s Bridge: The Tourism trap

Author: Jazz

Emily's Bridge 
photo by Bryan Alexander 

The Gold Brook Covered Bridge  is a bridge built in 1844 in New England Stowe, Vermont. The bridge is tied with the story of a young woman named Emily, who tragically ended up taking her own life. According to The Drivin’ & Vibin’ Team, around the mid 1800’s Emily came from a poorer family, but her lover came from a wealthy family. The two were madly in love and planned to meet at the bridge so that they could elope together. Emily’s lover never showed, and with a freshly broken heart, she decided she couldn’t continue on with life, giving the bridge the nickname “Emily’s Bridge”. How Emily killed herself is still in debate of if she hung herself from the railings or jumped into the creek under the bridge.
Emily's Bridge 
photo by Scott McCracken

The Drivin’ & Vibin’ Team mentions that people come worldwide just to get a glimpse of the ghostly occurrences that happen. There’s a legend Emily takes her heartbreak out on cars that pass through the bridge by scratching the paint on them and letting out her cries throughout the tunnel of the bridge. Around Emily’s Bridge it is rumored that unexplained lights surround the location at night. 

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