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Satanic Panic


Author: Marlena Perez

In the 1980’s there was a huge moral scare called the” Satanic Panic” where everyone thought that devil worshippers were hidden everywhere and in everything discretely trying to turn children into demon lovers, do awful things with or to them. Published in 1980, the book  Michelle Remembers is typically given the credit for starting the panic because it linked satanic rituals to the abuse of children, but there was never any evidence of abuse by cults. False narratives created a foundation in the minds of Christians for the inner workings of Satanism and that their children would be swayed by Satan. 

People were ready for a full panic over the occult when James Dallas Egbert “disappeared” from his dorm room at MSU in 1979, people were convinced his mind was altered by the game Dungeons & Dragons that he had a psychotic break and ran away under the school to role play a game until he died. A detective stated James was “depressed” and went into the tunnels to commit suicide. Dungeons and Dragons did not have anything to do with James’s disappearance or death. But over the top Christians kept the idea that the game made him carry out supernatural rituals.

 The Satanic Panic made people live out in the world fearful. They did not let their children do anything, Christians thought there were subliminal messages in all things with Satan. Some even thought humans were eating children as part of rituals. Parents did not like their kids watching certain movies, shows and music. Particularly rock and roll. This music was especially open to accusations of backmasking messages, in the 1980s, The Rolling Stones were charged with hiding their support of the devil in their records. But it is not really possible to write lyrics one way and it sound correct the other way. If songs do have hidden messages, it is by accident.

 With all the Satanists running around and committing ritual murders, it was up to the police to stop them. The average devil worshipper is adept at hiding in plain sight, a document called “Identification, Investigation, and Understanding of Ritualistic Criminal Activity,” helped the police keep an eye out for Satanic activity in the Windy City. This provided “insight” into symbolism used by and even provided characteristics that one should look for while speaking to a potential Satanist.

Satanic Temple


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