Saturday, October 31, 2015

Isla de Las Munecas

Jalisa Pinckney

There are many haunted place in the world, the Island of Dolls in Mexico is one of these mysterious places. In Xochimilco, Mexico on the south of Mexico City on the canal there is a small island located on south. The small creepy island is actual hidden. The island tells a story of a little girl sprits wondering through the island. The island is consider haunted with her bad spirit. Legend has it a little girl was found drown near the island many years ago. No one actually know how the little girl died. A man named don Julian Santana Barrera found the little girl floating on the canal near the island. It is said that he witnesses her drown, as well. In the same spot he found the little girl he also found a doll. He saw the doll and picked up and put it on one of the trees on the island. The doll rest on the tree to please the soul of the little girl and to protect him for her bad spirit. The island of dolls is now a famous tourist attraction in Mexico City. “Over the years, La Isla de lasMunecas has truly become one of the most famous chinampas of Xochimilco based purely on its grim reputation and bizarre history( Swancer).”

Dolls on the island hanging on the trees.

The island water is shallow, and you can see the dark shadow of the trees in the water. The island is shaped like a rectangle and had mud all around the gloomy atmosphere. It is said that the little girl spirits lives there. Barrera’s believed that the dolls would come to life at night and kill animals. The evil spirit told Barrera to keep adding dolls on the trees. Barrera would sale vegetables be grew to pa for the dolls. The ghost of the little girl drove Berrera’s nearly insane, he was found dead on the canal after he could not afford the dolls anymore. Tourist that spend the night have said to her voice from the dolls on the trees. “It was said that the dolls would come to life at night and roam the islands brutally killing animals, and that if one listened carefully the gibbering whispers and giggling of dolls could be hears as they went about their grim work( Swnacer).” Many people have visit and had there own experience. Tourist says they can hear a little girls voice at night.
The haunted doll at night.

Caption: Story of the Island of Dolls.

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