Saturday, October 31, 2015

Beast of Bray Road

Brooke Solomon

Cryptozoology is the search and study for animals whose existence is little to none. There are many animals like Honey Island Swamp Monster, Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness monster, Bray Road Beast and many others. All of these creatures have never truly been discovered but people have claimed to have seen sightings of them. Although there is no real proof of any of these creatures but people continue to believe they have seen them.
The Beast of Bray Road is a creature that has been known to be seen near the towns of Delavan and Elkhorn in Wisconsin. The beast has many labels to the type of creature it is. Many think it is a werewolf, some think it may be Bigfoot. The reason this creature got the name Bray Road Beast s because the first sighting of this creature happened on Bray Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The creature is said to be about 5-7 feet tall on its hind legs. It is estimated to be about 400-700 pounds. People have said to see it eating road kill with it in its two front paws.

The first sighting to ever go public was on October 31, 1991. A woman named Dorostine Gipson was on her way home one dark evening when she felt as if her car's right front tire was lifted off the ground.  She got out of her car and looked into the darkness. She seen some Creature Running at her very fast. She could not make out exactly what this creature was but she said it was “very bulky and that it was compared to someone who lifted weights a lot.”  She also claimed to hear the sounds of its “heavy feet”. She quickly ran back into her car and started to drive away when the beast jumped on the back of her car. Thankfully the car was slippery from being wet that the creature had fallen off. She showed her neighbor the scratches on her car the next day. Word started to spread and many more people came up and talked about their encounters dating all the way back to 1989.
There have been many sightings of the beast through the years. Most sightings end with the beast fleeing back into the forest. This creature has also been claimed to be the Michigan Dogman. Some claim that they have a lot of similar traits but they are located in 2 different locations. No one truly knows if these creatures are the same. They may be and they may not be.

Do you believe that this creature is real? Do you believe what people are saying or do you need to see it for yourself? There is no real proof that this creature is real only the sightings that have been reported.  It is a big mystery that is yet to be solved. Maybe one day it will be but until then it will be known as an urban legend.

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