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Ghostly Athens

 Chloe Johnson 
The Ridges

 Athens, Ohio is a small town near the Appalachian Mountains and known for ghostly activity roaming around the community. Near the campus of Ohio University, an abandoned building formerly known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum is now known as the Ridges. The asylum was once a peaceful place for mentally impaired and war victims for medical treatment. As time goes by the Ridges became overcrowded, resulting in the patients being treated improperly. Margret Schilling was a former patient at the Ridges. She played hide and go seek with the nurses, but she was not found until several weeks later, dead. According to the article “the Ridges,” her death was not as mysterious as the marks on her body and the stain that remains on the floor.

“The Truth Behind the Stain”
Thirty years later a chemistry graduate student from Ohio University and others went to investigate the urban legend’s stain. They focused on the dark and white parts of the stain and found that it was a cleaning solution. According to “The Ridges,” no matter how many times someone cleans the stain it reappears. Margret’s body may have decomposed, but the stain and her spirit is still remain at the Ridges.
Margret Schilling

Simms Cemetery in Athens, Ohio is another ghostly attraction in the town. The cemetery was named after an official, John Simms who hung people for crimes. Locals believe from the article “Simms Cemetery,” that John wanders around the cemetery trying to find wrong doers to hang. The tree he actually used to hang victims on is in the cemetery. 
John Simms' Grave

 Locals claim they see John Simms hang victims in the night.

Another well-known legend is in the student dorms of Ohio University in room 428. Based from “Wilson Hall,” article the legend has it that Wilson Hall died in mysterious ways, but no one really knows how he actually died. Students that were residing in room 428 after him would hear strange noises and creepy things would occur. After so long a girl died in the same room, referring back to the article officials actually claimed the room uninhabitable.
Wilson Hall

Cemetery Pentagram

Within this mystery, Wilson hall is in the center of the cemetery pentagram. Simms, Hanning, Cuckler, Higgins and Zion are the surrounding graveyards. According to the article “Wilson Hall,” consider the five points symbolize ancient power and magic for free paranormal activity. Since Wilson Hall is in the center of them all spirits are skeptical in being true.

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