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Glastonbury and the Holy Grail

Tanner Connelly
The Holy Grail

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, there was a legendary object called the Holy Grail that
was used on a very memorable moment in Christian history, the Last Supper. This holy object
has been sought after for centuries. Scientists, archaeologists, and historians have traveled the
world and analyzed the Holy Grail’s history in an attempt to find the historical object for over
900 years says

What is the Holy Grail

Scientists have many different theories about what the holy grail may look like, some people say
that it’s a golden cup, or a plate, or even a serving dish. There have also been many theories
regarding the holy grail’s location such as Glastonbury England, Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, the
sewers of Jerusalem, and even Fort Knox in Kentucky.

Over the years many scientist and historians have found manuscripts pertaining to the holy grail.
Some of these manuscripts were in the possession of King Edward the III and King Arthur.
These manuscripts were written by Chretien de Troyes a late famous 12th century poet and
Robert de Boron, who was also a late 12 and early 13th century poet. Numerous stories and
legends have linked the Holy Grail to Glastonbury England. There have been multiple
assumptions about where the holy grail may be located. Some other possible locations that have
been are Accokeek Maryland, Oak Island in Nova Scotia, and The Dome of the rock in

Many stories have been passed around that the Grail has been found, but an article on
says that the
actual grail was found by two historians named Margarita Torres and Jose Ortega del Rio that
supposedly found it in a Spanish basilica. Centuries of searching for the Grail has consumed
archaeologists and historians. The historians say that the “Grail has been in the possession of the
basilica since the 11th century. The historians say the the Grail is a jewel-encrusted goblet, the
two historians had searched Islamic remains in the basilica of San Isidoro. They came across
Egyptian parchments that stated the Grail had been taken from Jerusalem to Cairo and then given
to the emir who ruled an Islamic kingdom. But this isn’t the first time the Grail has been
“found”, over 200 cups/goblets have been found from Latvia to Scotland, that have all been
deemed as the Holy Relic.

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