Wednesday, December 7, 2022

UFO Welcome Center (SC)

 Author: Doug

In Bowman, South Carolina there is a tourist attraction called the UFO Welcome Center. It was a place created by a man name Jody Pendarvis. Pendarvis built it in 1994. UFO Welcome Center is made of wood, fiberglass and plastic. Some people may think he is crazy for the fact that he built it on his suspicions that aliens are real. He made the UFO Welcome Center in hopes that if the aliens comes that they will take him with them. 

Sightings of UFOs all over the world help the UFO Welcome Center get visitors. The people that see UFOs have a place to go to find information. Because of sightings there are lots of people that believe that aliens and UFOs are real. The UFO Welcome Center is exactly like what Jody Pendarvis thinks a UFO would look like from the inside to the outside. Even how cold he thinks it get form the inside. He Pendarvis keeps a lot of old junk like old TVs and computers to attract more people to come there.

The UFO Welcome Center also help people understand more about UFOs and Aliens. Pendarvis said that this is just a hobby that he loves, and he talks about how much money he spends on his hobby. The amount he spends twenty-two thousand dollars. The UFO Welcome Center isn’t talked about much since its in the small state of South Carolina, so most people don’t know about it or have never even heard of it. But the people that have heard of it have done research and know about aliens and UFOs.

There is a National UFO website and South Carolina is a hotspot for UFO sightings, so it makes sense to why the UFO Welcome Center is in South Carolina. So the knowledge that people have about aliens would lead them to South Carolina to get a real look on what a UFO might look like so they would know if they saw one. Also for the people who claimed they have seen one can head there and do some research to see if it was really a UFO and aliens. Pendarvis is still alive today and the UFO Welcome Center is still up in running for anyone who would be interested in aliens and UFOs. Even thought it is a mess around the area it’s a historically safe place to go and visit.

Pendarvis has so much more knowledge on UFOs and aliens then the average person. He’s spent the last Twenty-Eight years of his life on building and learning about UFOs.

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