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Madam Koi Koi

 Author: Nakya Jenkins 

In Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, there was a beautiful school teacher by the name of Madam Chloe. Even though she was beautiful she was known for her rudeness and abusiveness towards her students. She was called Madam Koi Koi because of the sound her heels made while walking. As one of the main versions of the story goes according to UniqueGracee (a self media writer) in an article titled “LEGEND: The History of Madam KoiKoi in Nigeria and Ghana” Madam Koi Koi slapped a student and injured her ear. After this, the students decided to take matters into their own hands. One night the students cornered Madam Koi Koi and beat her to death, then threw her body overboard. Madam koi Koi swore revenge and slowly the students involved in her murder started disappearing one by one.When the last murder accomplice was beaten to the death the schools shut down and split the students into different schools which is how the tale of Madam Koi Koi spreaded. 

Madam Koi Koi

There are many different versions of Madam Koi Koi, even some personal journal entries of students who were involved in her murder. Madam Koi Koi is said to haunt bathrooms and haunt the halls at night especially after lights out. Many have seen the ghosts and the version derived from her, one known as Pinky Pinky. Pinky Pinky is known to be half human, half beast. A hermaphrodite to be exact.  It has pink translucent skin and is stuck in between worlds inside bathroom stalls. It’s jealous of girls who have their whole life afraid of them and want revenge on them. This creature preys on young girls who use the bathroom alone. Especially girls that wear pink panties. This creature has been said to murder, harm and even rape these young girls. This has gotten so serious the schools have gotten shut down before, people have seen them and police have been involved. 

“South African Urban Legend-Death by Pinky Pinky”
A short horror story story recited by Steffany Strange for Snarled 

In South Africa, there are many versions of Madam Koi Koi. One known as Madam Tokoloshe or Tokoloshe. A water spirit who becomes invisible by drinking water. They’re known to be small and mischievous. This demon was created by a witch doctor to harm its enemies, also known to bite off sleeping people's toes. It’s said that people have to put bricks underneath their bed to keep the Tokoloshe away. 

These different versions of the same evil spirit mainly target young children. For many versions of the evil spirits, its main agenda is for revenge. Many of its victims are found beaten to death. For Madam Koi Koi, she haunts her victims, makes them feel safe after a few years, then suddenly, the victim is found beaten to death. For Pinky Pinky. This hermaphrodite, half beast creature only preys on young girls and often harms them. Known to be found where young girls are known to be alone. A savage, murderous, rapist. The Tokoloshe, a water spirit. This demon is created by a jealous person, who goes to a witch doctor in wish to take vengeance on someone in which the client promises a soul of a loved one (a soul not of their choice).

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UniqueGracee. “LEGEND: The History of Madam Koi Koi in Nigeria and Ghana” N Opera News Oct. 2021 Accessed on Oct. 20 2022. This article by UniqueeGracee is explaining the well known version as well as a few alternatives about who Madam Koi Koi was. How she was beautiful but cruel to the students. The students beated her to death and she swore she would get revenge and everyone involved in  her murder started disappearing one by one. 

“Tokoloshe” Wikipedia July 2020 Accessed on Oct. 20 2022 This Wikipedia article describes the Tokoloshe, and how it was created as well as the many agenda of these demons.These demon are created by a witch doctor for revenge at the stake of a loves persons soul on which they prey of for days, weeks, months, and even years. They can get rid of by a pastor. 

“What the heck is a Pinky Pinky?” Imperidox.  Accessed on Oct 20 2022. This Imperidox article goes into an extremely deep dive into what the Pinky Pinky is. Known for their wispy white hair, and milky skin. Somehow, these creatures come from albinism and prey on prepubescent and pubescent girls. Its murders, and molests young girls when they’re by themselves. It got so bad, police were involved, and schools were shut down.

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