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The Flannan Isles Lighthouse

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On December 15th, 1990, a ship named Archtor set sail on a voyage to Leith from Philadelphia when noticing something was wrong. The Archtor passed the lighthouse on the Flannan Isles and noticed the light was off. After docking in Leith three days later, the news passed on the Northern Lighthouse Board that something was amiss in Flannan. 

The Board dispatched the lighthouse relief tender ship Hesperus to investigate. Arriving at the island, the ship's captain, Jim Harvie, sounded his horn and sent up a flare, hoping to alert the three lighthouse keepers. There was no response to the sound or flare. When they disembarked from the ship, relief lighthouse keeper Joseph Moore set off up to the lighthouse. When he reached the living quarters, Moore noticed that the clock on the kitchen wall had stopped, the table was set for a meal that had never been eaten and a chair had been toppled over. The canary in a cage was the only sign of life. When he returned, he returned his findings to the captain. After this they did thorough searches to try and find any signs of life. There were no signs of the three keepers throughout the whole search and no one knows where or what happened to the keepers.

“The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery” By Horror Stories. 
A video going in detail and describing the mysteries surrounding the lighthouse.

With the disappearance of the keepers being a mystery, there are bound to be many theories and rumors of what people have happened to the keepers. Flannan Isles Lighthouse - Wikipedia. On the wiki there is an article describing these disappearances. Over time a story has developed of the existence of unusual logbook entrees. They supposedly have Marshall saying on the 12th of December that were “severe winds the like of which I have never seen in twenty years”. With this theory being in place this caused many people to believe they were swept away from the winds or possibly pulled underwater and drowned in the storm.

Flannan Islands - Northern Lighthouse Board ( This article will go in debt describing the history of the lighthouse outside of the mystery and how the disappearance affected the lighthouse and what tourists think of it. It says how the lighthouse was in service and how it became forgotten and left alone after the disappearance. 

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