Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Hollow Earth

Author: Nicholas Carver

All throughout the United States and throughout the world, people believe in the Hollow Earth Theory. The Hollow Earth Theory is a concept proposing that planet Earth is entirely hollow and contains a substantial interior. People believe that we live on the outer layer of Planet Earth and on the inner Earth there is a whole new world, people believe that there are multiple subterranean cities and multiple civilizations of people living there just as us humans do on the outer layer of Earth.  It was suggested by Edmund Halley in the seventeenth century, it was disproved by Pierre Bouger in 1740. In 1774 this was definitively disproved by Charles Hutton in his Schiehallion experiment.


Image of the inner Earth

Supposably there is a super continent below the earth which goes by the name of “Agartha”. Agartha is 1,300 miles long from coast to coast. From the North pole To the South pole it is roughly 2,000 miles long. The underground continent has a capital city called “Shamballa”, which means “the place of peace”. Inside of this inner earth, it is also believed that there is a sun inside of the earth. Believers call it the “inner sun”. They also say that the inner sun is what causes global warming and the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights are really rays of light escaping from the inner sun. Theorists believe that that the inner sun is the true core of earth, and it is not as bright as are own sun in space.

An image showing the continent Agartha and its surroundings

The first known person to travel to the inner earth was a German sailor named Karl Unger in 1943. Unger allegedly traveled in a U-boat into the earths hollow core. Apparently, he met advanced civilization on “Rainbow Island”. After Unger, there was an American naval officer and aviator by the name of Admiral Richard Byrd. Byrd wrote a document saying that he went on a strange trip in which he lost control of his airplane and that the craft was guided as if by magic through a mountainous region towards a magnificent city pulsating rainbow-like colors. His plane magically landed in the inner world. After landing, he states he was confronted by an alien which it was a part of the civilization. The alien says to him “We have let you enter here because you are a noble character and well known on the surface world, Admiral”.

Image of Admiral Richard Byrd

There are three openings to the inner earth from the outer surface. Two of them are known to be at the South pole and the other at the North Pole. The third one is located somewhere in the Himalayan mountains. Supposably, there are guards somewhere near each pole. If a person rom the outer surface is able to find one of these entrances, the inner world people will ask them nicely at first to leave. However, in some cases if the civilizations of the inner earth deem a person worthy, they will let them in. A popular Hollow Earth document says that an unnamed man was able to gain entry to the inner world and he was able to live there for a year. He said it was magical and that he says that there were giants living there. He says that his giant friend brought it home to his family and he was completely dismayed to see the huge size of all the objects in his home. He states “The dinner table was colossal. A plate was put before me and was filled with a portion of food that was able to feed me for a week. The giant offered me a cluster of grapes and each grape was as big as one of our peaches.”

Image of a giant in Agartha

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