Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Flat Earth Theory

This blog will talk about the Flat Earth Theory. Many people believe in a Flat Earth, but is this true? Could Earth really be a flat disk floating in space? I am Abimael Mendez and I will go through the facts and figure out what is the truth behind this theory. Brazil Rachel, the author of “Fighting a Flat Earth Theory” an online article written to prove what is true and not true about the Flat Earth. Brazil Talks about many of the subjects that I wanted to touch over as well and give more information about. “Fighting Flat Earth Theory” Physics World. July 14, 2020. Accessed October 25, 2020.

The Flat Earth

t would be very hard for most people to believe such a claim. But as the article states even famous people believe the earth is flat. “the US rapper B.o.B (real name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr) started a crowd-funding campaign to launch a satellite. The rapper, a vocal proponent of “flat-Earth theory”, wanted to seek evidence that our planet is a disc, not a globe.” This is a quote from the article gives us a perfect example, even people with money and power and resources to go out and find the truth for themselves believe the Earth is a disc shaped object. Statistics show that a two percent of the world believes in a Flat Earth. Now this is a big number around 6.5 million people in the U.S, so much so, that people fear that this could cripple physics and science due to people not believing the facts and evidence and just going with what they believe in. The history of a Flat Earth dates way back to the times before Aristotle. That traveled to Egypt and with the new constellations calculated the circumference of the Earth.

For example, the earth can be proven by anyone if you go to a city as addressed by Brazil. A flat Earther may claim that the Earth is flat because we can see a whole city from a distance when we should not be able to see. But they don’t account for mirages and reflections that have been proven to make illusions for objects like those. Or you could just ask any military personnel what the Coriolis affect is. A long-range sniper can tell you that a bullet changes its direction while traveling a long distance when the earth is spinning. So they have to take that into account while making a shot. Even a sailor on a boat shooting the main guns on a ship have to calculate where a large projectile is headed with the Coriolis effect because if not they could miss their target. All this is not accounted by Flat Earthers, any attempt that they have tried to explain this has been flawed or disproven. Because a disc cannot produce this effect.

Even after all these tests and facts the Flat Earthers still believe the Earth is flat despite what the evidence says. What does this say about their mentality? It could just be pointed to a lack of education or just ignorance but it goes a bit further than that as stated by Brazil “Landrum thinks this conspiracy mentality is linked to science denial and a susceptibility to believing deceptive claims on social media”,” she believes those with a conspiracy mentality have lost the ability to judge when to trust and when to be a sceptic. Their lack of trust in authority includes not just scientists but scientific bodies such as NASA, all of whom (they think) are part of a massive conspiracy to prevent the flat-Earth truth being revealed.” These people believe that everything doing with a Flat Earth is a massive cover up and that agencies like NASA and all scientists, astrologists, meteorologists are trying to hide the truth from us and that is that the Flat Earth is real. Or so do they believe.

The Earth

I believe this could be potentially dangerous for future research and amazing agencies like NASA. Because one movement that does not listen to reason could influence to the point that funding for these researchers, engineers, scientists and all these smart people could potentially be cut. Causing the agencies that have accomplished some of our most amazing accomplishments like landing on the moon to disappear just because a group of people would not acknowledge one fact, that the Earth is round.

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