Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel the Horrifying Truth

Author: Tianna Abney

All throughout the areas of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, guests have been noticing creepy hauntings from ghosts, most are famous. These figures often take over their old rooms that they stayed in before they died. Some of these ghosts are Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Caroline and many more.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Most of the stories told about the ghosts show some common similarities regarding there interactions with the guests. Like the author NewsDesk from the Entertainment website, and how he describes in his article, explaining how the Roosevelt Hotel was this grand place that was home to the stars also, how it was one of the oldest hotels in Hollywood. Then, he continues by saying how the hotel is glamourous on the outside but has a more darker side to the story.

 “Exploring the Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel”

In the hotel one of the most seen ghosts is Marilyn Monroe. As Alex Matsuo says, she is mostly spotted in the room where she used to live before her death, room 1200 which was one of the largest suits in the hotel. It is said that in the room more specifically the mirror guests have said to have seen Marilyn Monroe instead of their own reflections. Because of these frightening disturbances the mirror was later removed from the room.

Marilyn Monroe

Another ghostly figure seen in the hotel isn’t famous, she is a little girl named Caroline. Caroline is mostly spotted by the pool area because the day that she died her, and her brother were playing in the pool while their father went to go run errands and the kids drowned. Now, the little girl Caroline often likes to make phone calls from the hotel lobby phone, play in the jacuzzi with her brother, and ask guests where her mother and father are.

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