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Runestones in America


 In 1830’s the Indians were removed from their territory leaving the hunters to roam around and hunt.A little girl name Gloria Farley once hiked up the hill in 1928 and found a rune in the city of Heavener Oklahoma. Which she thought was a little rock, but came out to be a rune. Later on in life became seriously interested into the runes that she started to study them. The runes came from the vikings who traveled here long ago when they found the North America. Years later people around North America started finding the runestones in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Maine. The Heavener runestone is in the thirds and fifth century indication. The runes that were in anglo-saxon that is from the country England. The runes are the same writing as the same writing in the story Beowulf. Which is a story I read in twelfth grade and we had to do a poster with a phrase and writing it in runic. You can find the runes in the early times of Britain. People often wonder how the runestones get to North America. It’s obvious! Someone from the Britian area had to come over her by boat right? The answer is the Vikings are the ones who came over here and discovered this beauty of a land and left behind these runestones. 

Heavener Oklahoma Runestone 

In Heavener Oklahoma there is a place where runestones are located. Which was discovered first by a haunting party in the 1830's and again in the 1970's by two other men when they were hunting in Potala Mountain for bears. Years later, the runes were taken to the Smithsonian Museum in the Washington, DC. Back in 1928 Gloria Stuart found the runestones. She was so fascinated with the stones that she studied this topic for years. The location the runestones are at is a park just for the runestones.

Kensington Runestone

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North American Runestones- 
This site tells about how people tried to find out the age of the runestones, but couldn’t because the runestones were in their original place. 

Heavener Oklahoma Runestone- Youtube 
The video is about the Heavener Oklahoma Runestone was found and how it’s a park for the runestones. 

Kensington Runestone Story (KBJR-TV Duluth MN) - Youtube 
The video is about how a farmer found a runestone, but no one believe it was a real runestone

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