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Alice Flagg of the Hermitage

Faith Cayruth

Alice’s Grave
Ghost stories can sometimes be grueling and creepy; they can give you nightmares even. Very rarely do you hear of any ghost stories that don’t have some horrifying story to go along with it. Alice of the Hermitage’s ghost is one of the exceptions. This story is about a sad, young teenaged girl who was in love with someone whose social class wouldn’t allow her to be with. She doesn’t haunt just because she wants to scare people, she haunts the earth in search of her beloved engagement ring.

Alice lived with her mother and brother in Murrells Inlet in South Carolina near the coast. She lived in a house that still stands today called The Hermitage  , which was built by her brother. Alice came from a family of wealthy doctors, so understandably when she fell for a lumberman who was beneath her wealth status, it was frowned upon. Alice paid it no mind, she loved him regardless of his economic status and ended up accepting an engagement ring from him. When her older brother and mother caught wind of this, they forbade it and told her to take off her ring. She did as they asked but in turn, she concealed the ring by tying it to a ribbon around her neck and hiding it underneath her shirt. Eventually, she had more disagreements with her mother and brother about her fiancé, which resulted in Alice agreeing to be sent off to boarding school in Charleston. While she was there she got “love-sick” and fell ill and weak to the point of borderline immobility. Her brother ended up having to take a 4-day carriage ride to go pick her up. The long ride didn’t help her already declining condition at all and it caused her to fall even more ill by the time they reached Murrell’s Inlet. While bed-ridden and weak, she had no energy to continue concealing her ribbon tied ring and it accidentally slipped out in her brother’s presence. He saw it and angrily threw her ring into a nearby marsh. After several attempts of asking guests to find her ring, no one ever attempted to search for it. About a week of being bedridden in her home in Murrells Inlet, she fell into a coma and she ended up passing away before she could search for her ring.

Now, she roams the earth in search of her ring because it was the only thing she had from her beloved since her family forbade their relationship. There are rituals performed by walking circles around her grave backwards thirteen times at night and then leaving a ring on her grave. Legend says that doing so will make Alice appear. There are other rituals performed, some that have reported granted your wishes or made a ring suddenly fly off of a visitor’s finger. People often visit her grave and leave different things from coins, jewelry, and flowers. Alice is just a mere, teenaged ghost who died of a broken heart and only longs for her dear ring.

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