Sunday, December 2, 2018

Yonaguni Monument, Japan

by Briana Scarborough

Diver swimming over the Yonaguni Monument
 In 1985, Kihachiro Artake, a young diver searching for dive sites, discovered an underwater mystery. This mystery was the Yonaguni Monument which could also be called the Yonaguni Pyramid. The Yonaguni Monument is located off Ryukyu Islands in Japan. A few years after the discovery, Professor Masaaki Kimura became interested and went to explore this Monument.

The monument is made of sandstone and mudstone which dates back 20 million years ago. The Yonaguni Monument stretches close to 4,000 kilometers. This monument is a diving location for people interested in swimming with hammerhead sharks. It has a staircase with flat sides.

Yonaguni Monument’s Stairs

There have been arguments that this monument could have been man made by Masaaki Kimura. As stated on “The flat parallel faces, sharp edges, the right and precise obtuse angles of the formation would indicate that the monolith was carved by a man.” Many researchers consider the discovery of the Yonaguni Monument to be similar the lost continent of Atlantis. Atlantis was “destroyed” around 9500-9600 B.C. Many believe that the Yonaguni Monument resembles a lost civilization. Although this hasn’t been proven, many still believe that Yonaguni could be a discovery of Atlantis. Masaaki Kimura is more convinced after each dive he takes that this monument is the remains of Atlantis.

Dr. Robert Schoch believes that the Yonaguni Monument is in fact naturally made. He says, “I’m not convinced that any of the major features or structured are man-made steps or terraces, but they’re all natural.”. He continues to argue that earthquakes or anything caused by mother nature could result in the Monument’s change in features. Robert Schoch believes that there is no evidence that could prove that this monument is man made.

In the video “Yonaguni Underwater Monument” divers show the monument. They talk about the surroundings and size of the monument. A diver states, “I want divers around the world to see this great view”. People who have dived and saw this monument are very astounded by the view.

Yonaguni Underwater Monument from REISEbazaar on Vimeo.

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