Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Haunting of St. .Augustine, FL

Author: Mya Tribble

Take a closer look at the photograph, as you look just look a tad bit closer in the center of the creepy image. You may be curious to know where the location of this image came from. This image is the haunting of St. Augustine. St Augustine is located in a city on the northeast coast of Florida Lighthouse.  St. Augustine is like a paranormal activity of paradise of the darker side. They have different stories like in the early 1600’s was “Castillo de San Marcos” a commander who found out that his wife was having an affair with another commander then, they both disappeared and were never found again.

The 1700’s “A Second Chance At Life” was a women who was nearly buried alive at the Tolomato Cemetery, went on to live another six years before passing away (again); and now guests have been the ghost of children playing inside the cemetery and heard the sounds of their laughter. The 1800’s two sisters were playing in and out of a car and then, uncontrollable they tumbled down a hill and drowned in the water. The late, 1800’s “The Life of a Criminal” was a building known as the old jail where inmates were treated bad and physically tortured so, now the old jail belongs to the inmates who lost their lives within the prison cells. Then, “The Forever Hospital Patient” it was a Spanish military hospital where, underneath the hospital are thousands of human bones where, people hear the cries, conversations, and screams of patients dying within the hospital’s rooms. Then, another story called “The Bitter End” where, it goes back to the early 1820’s “Huguenot Cemetery where, it was known to be paranormal activities.

The haunting of Huguenot who died. When, he died, and his kids grew up they wanted his body exhumed and moved closer to them. During the exhumation the grave digger left the coffin open while, he was on a break. That’s when, thieves stole his gold tooth. Since, then people have seen him floating around in the air.

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