Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Haunted Charleston, South Carolina

Author: Chloe McCallum

The front gate to Madame Talvande's School for Girls
On Legare Street,in Charleston, SC, sits the first house built on the premises. It was Madame Talvande’s School for Girls , a boarding school with a strict headmistress that had no tolerance for boys. One girl at the boarding school found a way around the tight rules of no boys and had an affair. The headmistress became infuriated, to prove her point and insure there were no more affairs she instructed that there be a tall gate be built around the big house on Legare Street. It is to be said that if drive down Legare Street in the dark of night you can see a ghostly woman with a serious face standing behind the gate making sure no boys with trespass to be with her innocent girls.

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