Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Grey Lady in Willard Library

 Morgan Pierce

When looking at this picture of the Willard Library, many see the black ball on the ground. This black ball is believed to be the Grey Lady in Willard Library. This picture, along with many others,is backup to the speculations of a ghost being in the library. Not only does the library have pictures to prove that there is a ghost in the library, but the library also has employees that have experienced her presence.

When going to a library, most people think it's going to be a nice relaxing time, not a time to be scared that a ghost is near. In the Willard Library, many claim that there is a ghost that haunts the library. The ghost has been spotted by many different people that have been to the library. Those that have spotted the ghost include both employees and people on the internet watching the ghost cameras . This camera is on the internet 24 hours a day, so anymore who wants to try to find the ghost is able to. When looking at this ghost camera, there are questionable pictures that people think is the Grey Lady, but some think it's just the shadow of someone walking.

Back in 1937, in Evansville, IN, the lady in grey made herself known to the employees at the Willard Library (Willis). It was early in the morning when a custodian of the Willard Library went to light the furnace in the basement. When walking up the stairs, his flashlight spotted a lady dressed in all grey (Willis). After the first spotting of the Grey Lady, she has been seen by many other people. Another spotting was when the security alarm went off, and when the police arrived, they spotted two ghosts sitting near the upstairs window (Hall).
Many ask, "Why is there a ghost in the Willard Library?" Many different researchers have researched this question. The answer that most of them seem to come up with is the Grey Lady is Louise Carpenter. Louise Carpenter was the daughter of the library’s founder, who sued the Library’s board of trustees on her father's behalf (Harte, et al.). Louise believed that the money the library inherited from her father, who died, should have been her money. She lost the case, which makes the researchers think this is why she haunts the library. Another theory that some researchers have is the ghost is a lady who died on the land that the library sits on today (Willis). They believe that she is searching for her son who died with her that day.

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