Monday, November 9, 2015

Lucky Number 7

Courtney Poda    

Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven “eight” nine! The lucky number seven appears in our lives as early as childhood. The lucky number could also reappear later on in life in activities such as gambling. There are countless reasons why a number could be “lucky.” The number reoccurs throughout many different religions and cultures. Ranging from Greek mythology and Native American ways of life to Christian beliefs, the magic number keeps popping up. There are worldwide known items that are grouped in sevens. For example, the seven seas, seven continents, seven colors in the rainbow, SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD , seven days in the week, etc. Everyone knows about all of these groups. Each of these is significant because they impact how we go about everyday life. For one reason or another, collectively as people, the number seven is well liked. In one article I found on the number on Psychology Today the author gives seven reasons why people like the number. Among those reasons are: seven is lucky, it’s a good playoff number, meaning that is five is too little but nine is too much, seven is a good medium, it’s magical, occurs throughout nature, etc. Also, seven has a more appealing sound compared to the other numbers. The example used in the Psychology Today article was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” It rolls off the tongue much easier than a one syllable number. Different cultures, including some Native American tribes such as the Cherokees, acknowledge seven as an important number as well. For example, seven is a reoccurring theme in different myths and stories that are passed down. It also symbolizes the embodiment of being sacred and pure. Seven is very much associated with religion as well. God created the universe in seven days, there are seven deadly sins, etc. The number seven represents absolute perfection. It is also a great number when it comes to marketing. Because the marketers know people like the number seven, companies and premieres are scheduled for the seventh of a given month to make the event sound more appealing. For many reasons, seven is thought of as a number representing luck and perfection. The magic number is versatile with what it can symbolize in many different areas of life. Whether it’s Christianity or Native American tribes or day to day life, lucky number seven is a big part of everyone’s life whether we consciously know it or not.

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