Sunday, November 1, 2015

Giant Human Bones

 Javonne Smith

The theory of evolution is where scientist thinks that we evolved from something or someone. Some say that we evolved from monkeys, people that believe in god say that we came from Adam and Eve. What if we didn’t come from any of that? We could’ve descended from giant humans. Giant human bones is an interesting topic because if they were real, everything that we know about evolution would go out the window. You would have many questions that would be quite difficult to answer. One question would be, why haven’t there been any discoveries in the bones or anything that proves they exist?

Allegedly, the first giant bones were found in 81 BC by the Grecian people. The Greeks thought that they had found human bones, scientist now said that elephants were common in that area and that was the bones they dug up. Some people actually believe giants to be real but till this day there isn’t really a way to disprove it. Although many websites say they are real seem to be a hoax. In many different articles they would talk about the discoveries and show many different pictures. Eight out of ten of the pictures you could clearly tell they were photo shopped. There was a couple of satire sites that I looked up to see what kind of things they had on them. One of them was about a Smithsonian cover up. The article talked about how the Smithsonian destroyed thousands of giant bones to protect the evolution theory.

Then you had the websites like The National Geographic telling you how there isn’t a thing as a giant and all the discoveries are fake. A voice editor P. Deivamuthu told National Geogrphic news that his publication about how the giants aren’t real was taken by fake reports. “We are against spreading lies and canards, moreover, our readers are a highly intellectual class and will not brook any nonsense.” He says how it is nonsense to think that any of this could be real and that’s true there’s no way giant humans can be real.  That makes you wonder if they are trying to cover everything up as well so they won’t also mess up the theory of evolution. So far no one really knows if giants are real or not, all the discoveries or pictures seem to be faked and photos shopped in some way.

Some of the pictures that are from the early 1900’s look like they could actually be real, but anyone could make a picture look real and old depending on how good they are with the camera. Some of the sightings from then could be made up just so a town or a family could get some fame for “discovering” giant human bones. Hopefully in a couple of years this myth can be resolved and we will really know if one day the giants were roaming the earth.

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