Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Dark Queen of the Sea

Maddie Campanella Article:
Queen Mary in Long Beach -- Painting by Chris Butler
The Queen Mary, built in 1936, in Clyde, Scotland, was one of the biggest and strongest ships of this time. Stretching 1,000 feet long and more powerful than the Titanic, the Queen Mary began her first voyage May 27, 1936. Just three years later in 1939, WWII broke out and Queen Mary was turned into a ship for the troops with the name of “The Grey Ghost.” Over the Queen Mary’s time at sea, she encountered one collision, and also participated in the D Day Invasion. Later on in 1946, Queen Mary carried war brides and their children to America and Canada. After the 13 “war bride” voyages, the ship was refurbished and returned to its original purpose as a cruise ship. Finally in 1967, after 1,000 transatlantic crossings, the Queen Mary was retired and sold to the city of Long Beach California for 3.45 million dollars.            
The Queen Mary has been investigated many times for paranormal activity, but has not been proven right or wrong that paranormal activity does exist on the boat. The paranormal investigation team has often compared the boat to the Titanic to show just how amazing and powerful this new ship was in 1936. While the Queen Mary had 1,001 voyages, the Titanic couldn’t last through one when it collided with a glacier. The Queen Mary also has many newspaper articles of many occurrences that happened during the life of the ship. Some that are included are the collision that happened during the war causing the other ship to sink. The paranormal investigators were unable to prove or disprove that the ship was haunted or had factual paranormal activity occurring on the boat. Even though the paranormal investigators were unable to prove the whip was haunted, there has been over 113 reports of paranormal experiences on the ship from common people that visit the now docked floating hotel. The Queen Mary has seen 49 deaths in the time that it cruised the Atlantic.            
It is said that the spirit of a little girl still lingers by the indoor pool looking for her stuffed animal or mother. She died by sliding down a railing on the boat but slipping to a drop that broke her neck. Other stories include that of the chef during the war. It is said that the troops did not like his food so they shut him in the oven and let him cook to death. You can still hear his dreadful screams when you are anywhere near the kitchen. Others believe the soul of a young man still haunts the doors of gate 13. For he was trapped inside the watertight gate that chopped his body in half. The story says that his spirit has been seen walking into the light by gate 13.  
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