Friday, December 9, 2022

The Boggy Creek Monster

Author: Koko :3 

The Legend of the Boggy Creek Monster begins in Fouke, Arkansas. The nearly 8 foot creature is said to have been first sighted in 1908. The Boggy Creek Monster is a hairy beast who crept around the small town of Fouke. There had been sightings here and there until early 1970 when an attack was reported. 

During May of 1971 Bobby Ford, a twenty five year old man, reported that he was attacked in his home near U.S. Highway 71. He reported the creature's appearance and how he though it was a bear at first however when it ran upright he knew it could not be a bear, the eyes on this creature were red, and it had very heavy fur. . He detailed  how he just barely managed to get away before getting treatment at the hospital. After the story got out about the attack more sightings started to be reported. 

From the 1970s till now the Boggy Creek Monster has gained more and more popularity. Even in the town of Fouke, Arkansas where the sightings and attack happened has embraced the cryptid and built a “monster mart” that carries Boggy Creek Monster memorabilia. Also there has been about five different movies made about this monster. Also on there is a sightings log that was active up until 2021. 

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Links for further research:

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